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We believe a wedding day is forever special because of the promises being made. Our promise to you is a quality product with quality service.

video showcase.

With a variety of film lengths to choose from, we want to provide you with the best option that suits your needs!

Teaser Film

A Teaser Film is a 1-2 minute sneak preview of what is to come with the Highlight Film.

This option is perfect for those that want to see their special day sooner and is available to post on social media.

Highlight Film

A Highlight Film is a 5-15 minute film that features the best moments of your special day, with a personal touch.

 This option is our most popular as it captures everything within the filming time — hair & makeup, first looks, special notes, walking down the aisle, party bus, cake cutting, dances, etc.

Full-Length Film

A Full-Length Film is a 30-45 minute film that includes the highlights of your special day with the full ceremony, speeches, dances, and other exclusive footage.

This option is how weddings were meant to be watched. For years to come, you can relive the moments that solidified your happily ever after, word by word, kiss by kiss.

Wedding Video Packages

Save the Date.

“The best part of video is being able to watch back those moments in time for years to come, and feel like you’re still there.” – Eric